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Black and White Wedding Dresses (8)

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  • 5.00

    BY: T's Mom

    DATE: Jun 29, 2017

    Charming Ruched Bust Taffeta Trumpet Dress With Bow at Back

    Beautiful dress!

    This dress with ruched bodice is versatile. It has bow pattern at the back and that makes it stand out from others. The front is so elegant with trumpet style.
  • 5.00

    BY: Heather F

    DATE: Feb 06, 2017

    Lovely Strapless Short A-line Chiffon Dress With Bow Sash

    Very pretty!

    I am getting married next week and felt that this dress was perfect for it. I contacted the seller and they were so easy to communicate. They answered my questions so satisfactorily and also agreed to custom make my dress to my measurements for a perfect fit.
    Shipping was so fast. I have never had any online product shipped to me so fast.
    The dress is made beautifully with careful attention to minute details. The dress fits as it is shown online. Fabric is rich quality. I am so happy with the dress and can't wait more to wear it.

Black and White Wedding Dresses

Black and white wedding dresses are a perfect balance of the primal and complimentary shades that can bring out true inner beauty with an elegant balancing of tones. By capturing a timeless essence that can be found in any era of history, the combination of black and white remains a powerful combination to this day. Read More >>

Black and white dresses are most often predominately white with a trim of black or black ribbons that ornament the waist or other parts of the dress. They frequently are chosen to fit into the larger theme, atmosphere, or color scheme of the whole wedding itself when it is designed around black and white. A bride in a black and white themed wedding then becomes the compliment to the groom in his black tuxedo. This theme can be applied to the bridesmaids dresses, table clothes, linen napkins, interior decorations, etc. As an eternal theme, it is deeply philosophical and echoes with the wisdom of the ancients which propounds the existence of two universal qualities, Yin and Yang.

Grace and sensuality are embodied in black and white dresses so that one will shine with a light that radiates the richness. So let feminine intuition browse our website at our store to find that one dress that will set one apart from the rest with its distinctive beauty that will make one's appearance a smashing success. Our unique fashions strike a balance between sexy and elegant so that one can relax on the big day and accept that beauty is complete.

We listen to the needs of our customers at our store and we’re confident we can bring the poise and grace expected in a dress. Whether looking for something to bring out sensuality or to give a heightened sense of nobility, among these black and white wedding dresses there is one that is the perfectly matching.

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