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Blue and White Wedding Dresses

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Blue and White Wedding Dresses

With a constantly updated catalog, our store is proud to bring the latest fashions in blue and white wedding dresses. So let mind be at ease in the knowledge that by taking advantage of our rich selections, the dress that changes look from the mundane into something amazing will be found.

Blue and white wedding dresses combine their colors in various proportions. The most common is a traditional white dress given a splash of color with blue trim, lace adornment, or ornamentation, like a blue sash tied into a large bow. Another possibility is the opposite, a predominately blue dress with white trim, lace, or embroidery. Finally, the dress can be an equal combination of both colors with, for example, a soft blue underdress covered with a sheer white overlay of ruffles that cascade into a trailing train, and a veil that covers the face.

It’s useful to keep in mind, however, that whatever ratio of blue to white for sleeved wedding dress, these colors each carry with them an underlying psychological meaning that will be broadcast to the audience at the wedding, so it is wise to understand what they imply. Blue is a stable and placid color that creates a peaceful atmosphere to which people have favorable and calm reactions. Blue conveys relaxation and peace that can boost contentment and happiness. White represents purity and innocence, yet it can also dazzle if there is enough of it and this lucidity imparts to a viewer a sense of wholeness and perfection.

At our store the blue and white wedding dresses design in our catalog renew the concept of the traditional wedding dress. By combining the virginal purity of white with the the deep contentment of blue a complimentary symmetry that brings out the best in appearance is achieved. So let the highest expression of inner beauty be drawn out by this interesting balance of colors and be transformed into a vision of uncommon loveliness.

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