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Cheap Wedding Jewelry Sets

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  • By woodsgirl

    Nov 12,2019

    Love it!!!!

  • By Katherine M.

    Nov 04,2019

    I am not the sort of person who usually is reduce the trauma I felt obligated to do for this one. Just as promised, they got the dress delivered to be in less than three weeks. Custom made?looks exactly like in the picture.

  • By shivvysmith1

    Nov 01,2019

    just as expected, very quick delivery and great seller to deal with!

  • By Cubeano

    Oct 29,2019

    Loved it. Arrived in quick time was beautifully wrapped and had a cute personal note. The tulle skirt over this dress was so soft. I wore it to prom and it was amazing!!! It looked like one complete dress. Will definitely shop here again!

  • By Christina Edgmon

    Oct 28,2019

    Price was the first reason why I decided to go ahead with this beautiful spaghetti strap dress for my wedding. It is neither too formal, not too casual and apt for my outdoor wedding. I ordered it three months before my wedding and got it delivered as expected. As I had time to work out, I had lost some weight, so had to get the dress altered how we before my wedding around the waist area. Of course it is not the dress?s fault. I looked gorgeous and my husband loved dress.

  • By Rukus May

    Oct 22,2019

    I never really knew that I could pick up such a beautiful dress for just a small percentage of the cost than expected for my wedding. It is absolutely beautiful and I should say to the workmanship is something that you find from branded designer. I'm happy with this purchase is an thank you Doriswedding for this pretty dress. I'm excited and I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. Just go ahead and buy it, you will not regret.

  • By Anonymous

    Oct 11,2019

    I just received this dress for my wedding next Summer. And it is GORGEOUS. It is a little wider in the hips than desired, but nothing a seamstress couldn't fix! For the price, I cannot complain at all. This dress is perfect.

    (Photos taken from video, it's the best I can do! Haha)

  • By Elvin T

    Sep 30,2019

    This pretty damsel dress is definitely prettier than I imagined. A perfect gown for a perfect and flawless wedding. Design is immaculate and the stitching is very professional without any flaws. The illusion back is definitely a unique one.

  • By Courtney Heberlein

    Sep 26,2019

    I am more than happy with this purchase. I ordered this to confirm that it was what I wanted for my birthday party. I could not have asked for a better experience! Thank you so much!

  • By Kelly Adams

    Sep 18,2019

    I am more than happy with the purchase. The sweetheart neckline is completely secure and fits me so well. I tried it on just this morning and found it amazing. This long dress will be a perfect fit for my heels as well. I want to wear a simple yet elegant and sexy dress for my wedding, and this fulfils all these criteria.

  • By Bernadettte Renee William

    Jul 29,2019

    The workmanship of the dress is excellent and the dress is completely beautiful. I made the mistake of ordering the dress from the sizes instead of sending them the customised measurements. It was a little big for me and also little longer. With a tailor in the family, it was easy for me to fix this issue. The colour was to 2 weeks and are in fact the dress came with lining made of good quality material. My wedding is going to be a beach wedding and for that the dress has to be a little shorter than a dress for chapel wedding. Oo I had to cut down a bit chunk of the dress. Apart from this, it is a wonderful dress. Highly recommended seller.

  • By Josephine Maric

    Jul 19,2019

    It was definitely a great choice. This dress is a killer and everybody was thrilled with its beauty.

  • By Amanda L. Nixon

    Jul 16,2019

    Just as promised, the dress was delivered to me. They did not fail me. It fit me perfectly, and another example of their outstanding performance. This is my third dress from Doriswedding and every time one of the only exceed their performance. I am pleased with the complete process and the customer service team has a great people who are very friendly.

  • By Kayla Barger

    May 29,2019

    Very versatile and the Navy us great color for any occasions. I wear a 10-12 in most US sizes and this fits fine; not too tightly or too loosely.

  • By Jessica Skyes

    May 14,2019

    The pretty satin ribbon at the fact and the sweetheart neckline and absolutely gorgeous choice. I'm completely flattered. Thank you.

  • By Tran Tong

    Mar 14,2019

    My husband was super excited with this dress when we purchased this one for a very formal, even on a yatch. I was super duper excited to wear it and get a lot of positive compliments. Expect a lot of orders because I have recommended your store to all my friends. Thank you very much.

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