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Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

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Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

The metallic sheen of gold is quickly coming into vogue for contemporary weddings and our store is here at the cutting edge with a variety of options in gold bridesmaid dresses to choose from.

The tones of this metallic color can range from copper to bronze to rose gold, all of which look great in a fall or winter wedding color scheme. Gold carries an aura with it that broadcasts an appeal which onlookers can’t help but interpret as glamorous so bridesmaids will make a lasting impression of elegance that echoes through the years in photographs and memories. Yet gold can also be associated with the ripened wheat of a fall harvest which is an excellent theme for an autumn wedding staged in a rustic setting with a more casual atmosphere. Gold bridesmaid dresses look best when made from fabrics that reflect light, like silk or satin.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (31)Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Average Rating 4.61 5
  • By Kiri Corr

    Oct 24,2017

    Long bridesmaid dress fits perfectly without being tight anywhere. Zipper at the back adds to the fit. I had used their size charts for my size and it worked right. This dress is beautiful and I am so excited to wear it to my cousin's wedding next month.

  • By Sue

    Oct 22,2017

    Great fit! Love the material.

  • By BellaLoca

    Oct 09,2017

    i ordered it in silver and the dress resembles the online pictures to a great extent. it is not easy to get a high quality dress at such a low price. i would suggest grabbing this deal if you can still find it!

  • By Ms.Mo

    Sep 30,2017

    Fits good and looks great on.

  • By Leah.c

    Sep 23,2017

    My mom purchased dress for my graduation party and I should tell I'm completely pleased with her choice of purchase. It has very cute cap sleeves and ruffles....I LOVED IT... In fact I fell in love with the material as the satin used is so soft that you don't even feel that you wearing it. If you're looking for formal dress that will make you look elegant and at the same time feminine and pretty and not to mention sexy you can go for this dress..5 STARS..

  • By Budd Wofford

    Sep 19,2017

    Just got this elegant long prom dress that I had ordered last week and it is completely stunning. The measurements came out perfect and I am delighted to write that they rushed in my order quickly and delivered just like I had requested. I kept in touch with the customer service of this online store and they helped me caringly. I completely recommend this store and dress to everyone and I will also rate this with five stars. Definitely buying more dresses from this site and not to mention I got this dress for a steal price.

  • By LaTonya Williams

    Sep 19,2017

    Great fit, quality and price!

  • By soliloquy

    Sep 17,2017

    Purchased this long lace gown for my sister who was a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding. Selected her size from the size charts. When she tried it on, we found that it fit like a glove. Lace material is soft and rich and does not make the dress cheap at all. Cut is flattering. My sister is tall and the dress suits better than any other. Everybody liked her dress and asked where we got it.

  • By Marie. A

    Sep 13,2017

    Beautiful dress, great price!

  • By dboydbear

    Aug 22,2017

    I loved this dress a lot for the exact measurements it had. I am a large woman and quite bulky on the bottom. This style seemed to work perfectly on my figure. Moreover, I would love to wear strapless and backless dress with beautiful sweetheart neckline.
    I just wished the dress worked for me. it did! It was so well-made and true to measurements that it fit my body perfectly and gave me the exact look I desired. Pleated skirt hides my fat and imperfections while built in bra gives a perfect top look. Fabric is so nice and comfortable.
    It is like a dream come true! AMAZING

  • By JenTutors

    Aug 07,2017

    Such a pretty dress in superior quality fabric! Colors are all so bright and beautiful. Ruched bust and beaded waist impart a luxurious look to the simple gown in floor length. I used it as my bridesmaid dress and caught lot of attention.
    Everybody complimented the dress and asked me where I got it. I felt so special and beautiful! Just like the belle of the ball!

  • By Rochelle Eversley

    Aug 03,2017


  • By isa_ortiz

    Aug 01,2017

    Such an elegant and simple bridesmaid dress in lace! I ordered it in five sizes for my bridesmaids and received the dresses yesterday. They are all good quality and well-made. They all have the same design and color as desired. Three of the bridesmaids tried the dresses and they are perfect. This perfection shows that the other two are perfect too. They will be trying them tomorrow.
    I am very happy with the seller. They did a really great job. They have proved that online products are not always bad. You can trust them. I will definitely buy all my future dresses from this seller.

  • By Norma Herrera

    Jun 12,2017

    What I loved about the dress

  • By Patrice Williams

    Jun 03,2017

    Love, love, love this dress.

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