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Ivory Lace Dresses

67 Ivory Lace Dresses Found
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Ivory Lace Dresses

Whether you are looking for a nice, cool summer dress for a special occasion or a simple wedding gown, we offer almost 60 styles of ivory lace dresses for you to choose from. One gorgeous design is the strapless ivory short dress with stunning beading and a thick, rich floral bow across the waist-simply beautiful! If you are searching for a full-length dress, try the long chiffon gown with delicate and feminine lace detailing across the bodice. Ivory lace dresses are an impeccable choice if you are looking for something classy and elegant. We invite you to view all we have to offer!

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (105)Ivory Lace Dresses

Average Rating 4.575
  • Stunning V-Neck Long Lace Gown With Crystal Embroidered Belt

    By Nicole Walcott

    Sep 11,2017

    A perfect fit! What impressed me the most is that they got the measurements right. The dress goes beyond my expectations and looks so wonderful. The lacy material is the main reason I chose this dress. Moreover, the neckline is impressive. After trying the dress, I realized that everything about the dress is so amazing!

  • Stylish 3-4 Sleeve Long Lace Dress With Crystal Embellished Waist


    Sep 09,2017

    I purchased this dress for my daughter. We were on a budget and somehow, I wanted my pretty girl to look beautiful on her big day. And she was in tears on seeing this dress. It fit her so well at all the places. It is similar to expensive dresses in terms of making and beauty. I can't thank you people enough for what you have done for us.

  • Delicate Sleeveless V-Neck Lace Gown With Bow at Back

    By Christine Rudnicki

    Sep 06,2017

    Love it! It's just perfect.

  • Vintage Scalloped-Edge Neckline Lace Bridal Gown with Half Sleeves

    By Katrina W

    Sep 02,2017

    I cannot explain how nervous I was about ordering this dress online because I thought that it is too good to look good in person for such a cheap price. But however with no other options, I went ahead and ordered it, half hoping to return it back in case it is bad. The dress is gorgeous and I just loved the moment I laid my eyes on it. I will be wearing it for my wedding. That is, next week and I will definitely send some pictures and leave another review for this absolute stunner of a dress. I am also recommending this stress and the seller as they were very helpful and answered all my e-mails promptly.

  • Traditional Twist Wedding Dress With Sleeveless Lacy Style and Asymmetrical Cut

    By Marissa H

    Sep 02,2017

    Beautiful, comfortable, romantic and soft lace! We ordered one for my bridesmaids to try on, and they all loved the dress, so now we are ordering more :) Kate has been super helpful and quick to write back! Cannot wait to see my beautiful bridesmaids all together in this gorgeous dress.

  • Fabulous Halter Neckline Lace Dress With Floral Embellished Waist

    By Red Ink

    Sep 02,2017

    A quality product for affordable price! I must say I was skeptical about buying a dress online. However, this dress is so lovable. It looks much more expensive than the price I paid for it. It was a great value for money and an amazing find.

  • V-neck Lace Bridal Gown with Keyhole Backstyle

    By Corrine Canfield

    Aug 26,2017

    Thank you so much for the wedding dress I ordered !! The custom size was perfect !! It is beautiful, it looks the same as on the picture on the website and it arrived on time !!

  • Stylish Pleated Bodice Lace Sheath Dress With Beaded Embroidery

    By Katherine M.

    Aug 23,2017

    I am not the sort of person who usually is reduce the trauma I felt obligated to do for this one. Just as promised, they got the dress delivered to be in less than three weeks. Custom made?looks exactly like in the picture.

  • Vintage Scalloped-Edge Neckline Lace Bridal Gown with Half Sleeves

    By Delores

    Aug 22,2017

    This dress doesn't fit me like the picture on the model. The armholes are so small I can't get my arms into them so the dress won't come up over my shoulders. It's smaller than the measurements I sent in, as well as too long. They offered to make another one, but with less than 3 weeks before my wedding, I told them I didn't have time to wait another month. The person I dealt with was very cordial and nice about the whole situation, to which I am very appreciative. I told the person I dealt with via emailed with that I would probably donate it to a charity. I've started making another wedding dress, not as elegant and beautiful as the picture of the one I ordered, but I know it will fit, because I am making it, which is what I should have done from the beginning. The satin and lace fabric cost only $70 for me to make it. The reviews are very good, which is why I ordered from this website. Either they write the reviews themselves, or very skinny women with tiny arms that fit into those very tiny armholes wrote the reviews. My advise: Buy a dress where you can try it on and buy the dress you try on. If the bridal shop has to order it from China, think long and hard about your purchase before making it.

  • Chic One Shoulder Lace Dress With Floral Detail

    By Gloria Salgado

    Aug 18,2017

    I will happily recommend this wonderful store to all my friends. Such pretty dress and lovely material. I am particularly in love with the bolero, which can even be used on other dresses. Quick delivery and wonderful customer service.

  • Captivating V-Neck Lace Over Charmeuse Dress With Short Sleeve and Sheer Back

    By Elizabeth Toney

    Aug 18,2017

    My daughter's wedding is next weekend and she will use this dress as her wedding gown. She loves the way it fits her and it makes her look more beautiful. I am glad I found this store!

  • Sleeveless A-line Dress With Bow and Lace

    By Elaine Durante

    Aug 14,2017

    This is the perfect dress for any occasion !! Bought this for a wedding as the matron of honor. June was very helpful and helping me confident in my purchase!! Thank you!

  • Elegant Sleeveless V-Neck Lace Dress With Beaded Ribbon Belt

    By woodsgirl

    Aug 13,2017

    Love it!!!!

  • Stunning V-Neck Long Lace Dress With Crystal Ribbon Sash

    By Anonymous

    Aug 12,2017

    I just received this dress for my wedding next Summer. And it is GORGEOUS. It is a little wider in the hips than desired, but nothing a seamstress couldn't fix! For the price, I cannot complain at all. This dress is perfect.

    (Photos taken from video, it's the best I can do! Haha)

  • Gorgeous Lace Sheath Gown With V-neck Backstyle

    By Louise

    Aug 12,2017

    I would love to say thanks for the beautiful dress,,,,, the advertisement was true to the way it was described. The delivery was accurate to the exact day... I am very pleased with the service we received and I have already passed the website to several co-worker. I hope this will bring you more customers as i plan on buying again in the future. A very , very positive experience. Thanks
    Sincerely Louise

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