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Ivory Wedding Dresses

903 Ivory Wedding Dresses Found
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Ivory Wedding Dresses

Open a window into a world of fashion at our store where gracefulness and sensuality are combined into our unique dresses that offer a guaranteed authenticity. Follow inner heart’s desire while browsing through our confident designs that are adjusted to a variety of needs. Stand out in a crowd with our ivory wedding dresses that are accentuated with elegance and allure throughout a rich variety of selections that grasp the very essence of beauty itself to put the bride in the spotlight on that important day.

Second only to white in popularity, ivory wedding dresses are pleasant to the eye and can glow with a soft sheen if made from silk, satin, or organza. Ivory is a color that harmonizes well with beach and summer atmospheres because it has a hint of cream and brown that matches sand and natural tones of the earth.

Ivory wedding dresses work well with all kinds of skin tones but are especially effective for women who have darker skin tones which may clash too much with brighter shades of white. Ivory carries with it a softness that isn’t so harsh as stark white, a softness that is airy. This neutral quality of ivory makes it unlikely to clash with other colors it interacts with. The warmth and richness of ivory lends it an elegant aura that also contains hints of a vintage or nostalgic element that can be seen in old photographs.

White can be too stark and offsetting to anything it comes in contact with. Ivory on the other hand blends with others and is inclusive. Psychologically, ivory wedding dresses can make observers feel a sense of quiet charm that is simultaneously pacifying yet provocative. Other traits associate with the color ivory are authenticity, honor, well-adjusted, trustworthy, and cordial.

Our store is proud to bring the finest quality in ivory wedding dresses. Let luxury enrich the surroundings on that fateful day.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (1049)Ivory Wedding Dresses

Average Rating 4.64 5
  • By Kallin

    May 24,2018

    The dress is really lovely. The fabric is beautiful - it is not too heavy and is flowing and it feels good on your skin. The colour was a light than I expected form the photos but it looks great nonetheless. Paying and shipping went well and all my messages were answered! Great service and wonderful dresses.

  • By ashano

    May 15,2018

    This is an amazing seamstress. Attention to detail is spot on. Quality material and fast shipping. I'm so glad I trusted Dorris Wedding with my own wedding. Thank you so much!!!

  • By Angela

    May 12,2018

    Just adorable. Made so well - great attention to detail. And very comfortable. Arrived quickly. Highly recommend! A++.

  • By Christine Rudnicki

    May 11,2018

    Love it! It's just perfect.

  • By Katherine M.

    May 10,2018

    I am not the sort of person who usually is reduce the trauma I felt obligated to do for this one. Just as promised, they got the dress delivered to be in less than three weeks. Custom made?looks exactly like in the picture.

  • By Bibolina

    May 09,2018

    Pretty tea length wedding dress, nice in touch, very easy to wear! Great communication and fast shipping! Thank you!!!! Will come back for more!!!

  • By Rut Campbell

    Apr 30,2018

    MANY THANKS for the LOVELY dress!!!

  • By rhonda clark

    Apr 15,2018

    Well my lace wedding dress had already been shipped and delivered before I was ever notified, but of course who's complaining about fast shipping? Lol definitely not me! I love the dress, obviously it came on time, great service- thanks a lot!

  • By jodiemrichter78

    Apr 10,2018

    Beautiful! Love my dress, it is absolutely gorgeous! Alex has gone above and beyond to create the dress of my dreams for my special day. I can't wait to wear it. If anyone is looking for a fabulous fashion designer and brilliant seamstress then look no further, Alex is the best!

  • By Kelly Forester

    Apr 05,2018

    Cindy, you did a magnificent job on the dresses for my wedding. Thank you!

  • By dinnella

    Apr 03,2018

    This is a beautifully designed wedding gown with high quality material, great tailoring and nice price. It has a great fit and the shipping was excellent. The dress is worth every penny.

  • By nancysm61188

    Apr 02,2018

    This dress is wonderful! I highly recommend paying the extra for the custom fit, the waist ended up being a bit bigger, but I knew I was going to wear a belt to match. I can't wait to wear this for my wedding!,,,

  • By Pontecarloblue

    Mar 30,2018

    Brilliant service and the quality of the work is fantastic - can't wait for the wedding to wear it.

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