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One Sleeve Prom Dresses

57 One Sleeve Prom Dresses Found
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One Sleeve Prom Dresses

There is nothing more dramatic or intriguing than an asymmetrical dress. There is nothing more dramatically asymmetrical than one of our One Sleeve Prom Dresses. How beautifully charming is an arm draped in sultry fabric while the other dances free! You are set to burn the red carpet when you wear one of our one-sleeve prom dresses. Whether it is your prom night or homecoming, a One Sleeve Prom Dress suits every occasion.

Select a short or long One Sleeve Prom Dress to wear with high heels and glamorous shimmery make up to shine like the sun at your homecoming or prom. There is something enticingly formal yet approachable about arms that do not match. Keep your audience unsettled throughout the evening with bangles or a bracelet on your naked arm.

We will be happy to add your personal touch to your One sleeve Prom Dress. Just click on the button and you can have your prom dress customized to suit the core of your personality. Fill in the measurements, embellishments, neckline, and design and send to us. You can be bold and adventurous and add a slit on the side! We will deliver your dress with care, right to your doorstep.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (22)One Sleeve Prom Dresses

Average Rating 4.68 5
  • By Roberta De Fiore

    Apr 30,2018

    Bought this dress for some formal events, I'm so happy to get this dress. it is appealing and attractive. All that I have to say is it fits me just so perfectly and the slight slit, definitely makes me look more sensual yet elegant. The dress is made from a very soft material and rhinestones add a touch of refinement, well designed. Love it.

  • By Cassie Oleszkiewicz

    May 15,2018

    OMFG I LOVE THIS DRESS! It got here exactly on time and fits perfectly.

  • By Jessica Anson

    May 11,2018

    "This dress is a wonderful addition in my winter wardrobe. The length of dress makes it very elegant, design adds to the beauty of dress. fabric of dress is high quality. It is one of the best dress I have ever bought."

  • By Randi Eggleston

    May 06,2018

    Absolutely love my dress! Absolutely beautiful and well made. Fits and falls beautifully. Quick lead time, shipping and great packaging! I can't wait to wear this dress in my friends wedding. Thank you!

  • By Cunchitta

    May 05,2018

    Without listening to negative reviews, I decided to order this dress in my standar size suggested by the measurement charts. it was the right decision. The dress fits like a glove without any alteration. They are so easy to work with. Accurate size charts make things simple and pleasant. You can trust them for fit and quality as per my experience. Recommended!

  • By laura feliciano

    Apr 28,2018

    Honestly this is the best addition in my wardrobe and I am overwhelmed by the fact that I have this dress. I am totally in love with it due to its impressive design and stunning details. color of the dress adds the worth to it and the quality of fabric is just brilliant. I am very thankful for the services.

  • By Tracey

    Apr 08,2018

    Well presented fabric swatches that give you a good idea of how the fabric is! Timely shipping and wonderful seller! The Navy is the winner in my case! Can't wait to have the dresses!

    Tip: take pictures of your fabric swatches to know how they will photograph. From experience, some fabrics look a certain way but are way off when the flash of a camera is used, etc.

  • By Rachel Casamassa

    Mar 20,2018

    The colour of this dress took away my heart as this colour is my all time favorite. The delicacy of the cuts and the design are adding more to the beauty of this dress. I am definitely going to rock the wedding of my friend with this dainty dress. Thank you for sending it on time.

  • By Lizardbeth

    Feb 23,2018

    My dresses are beautiful! Kathy was very helpful, especially with choosing a color. My girls love the dresses and I was so pleased to find a dress that would be affordable and re-wearable for them. Thanks Kathy, keep up the great work!

  • By Trinigyal

    Jan 15,2018

    My sister will get married next month and it is a formal wedding so I selected this gown for myself. It is perfect for the occasion and suits my figure. Flower detail and side draping are beautifully crafted.
    I am excited about my dress and can't wait to put it on.

  • By TinaS68

    Jan 07,2018

    This dress added a sparkle to my dress collection. I loved its stitching; the colors are beautiful and elegant and the best thing is that it fitted me well. I am pleased and contented to buy this dress online.

  • By MistressNomad

    Dec 26,2017

    Quick shipping and very responsive. I definitely agree you should order swatches! My favorites wound up being the exact opposite of what I thought they'd be, to see them on the screen. Thanks so much, and I'll be ordering my dress soon!

  • By Lara

    Oct 12,2017

    The dress arrived on time. Colors are great. The chiffon material is heavier than expected so it feels more formal than a typical cocktail dress, but I think that is a good thing. Cute packaging. Looking forward to wearing this dress in my party! Thanks!

  • By chivaqueen

    Oct 09,2017

    I was so keen and exasperated to buy it when I saw it online. I ordered it last week and got it delivered today. I have never seen such a dainty and pretty dress ever. It has perfect length and I really love the colour of this dress. I will wear it to my son??s wedding which is a week away from today but I just cannot wait to wear it.

  • By Cathy Ferri

    Jul 02,2017

    Absolutely gorgeous! Perfect fit! Thank you so much for the excellent communication :)

  • By fauziatu mahama

    Jun 11,2017

    I ordered this dress to wear on my best friend??s wedding. I got it custom made for me and it fits me very well. I am flabbergasted by the richness of color and the beauty of design of this dress. thank you for your special services.

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