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Red and White Wedding Dresses

1 Red and White Wedding Dresses Found
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Red and White Wedding Dresses

Uniting with the beloved marks the beginning of a new chapter in life that will bring out the best qualities. At our store we understand the importance of looking just right for this special occasion and we are proud to offer our winning selections of red and white wedding dresses that grasp the essence of passion and gracefulness so that one will be transformed from everyday appearance into someone transcendentally beautiful.

A two-colored wedding dress can take many forms. Most often one color predominates in the dress, while the other appears secondary as trim, ornamentation, and embroidery embellishment. For example, a red and white brides' wedding dress have an entirely white silhouette with a single red belt. Such a combination creates a visually striking image that arrests the attention of onlookers. Other combinations can be of a more subtle blend. This would be the case in a dress that is white with a soft pink colored overlay of ruffles that begins at the waist and cascades down the dress like petals that fall into a train that trails behind. A sweetheart white wedding dress with bright red lace appliqués that form floral patterns and filigrees that gracefully entwine around the bodice or along the hem of the dress is another example.

What is important to remember when considering red and white wedding dresses is that the colors chose express the personality and affect how people perceive. By choosing a primarily vintage mermaid sleeved white dress with a little red, one combines the purity and nobility of white with a splash of passionate energy. On the other hand, if a predominately red dress is the preference, with just a small touch of white adornment, project an extroverted confidence that is looking towards a new beginning with hope, as symbolized by the white.

At our store we want our red and white wedding dresses to accentuate the assets and diminish flaws as much as possible so that one can let go of any concerns and feel at peace with selection, knowing that it highlights that big day. So make a choice from the wealth of options available designs and let beauty be a beacon on that eventful day.

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